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Sonnet xMac Pro Server | Mac Pro PCIe 2.0 expansion system and 4U rackmount enclosure


xMac Pro Server

Mac Pro PCIe 2.0 expansion system and 4U rackmount enclosure

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Sonnet has pulled off another unlikely feat. After turning the Mac Mini into a media server, now the Mac Pro is ready to be rack-mounted, complete with fully-powered PCI cards and a super-quiet cooling system.

  • Provides PCIe Card Expansion for Mac Pro - Use high-performance PCIe cards with the latest Mac Pro
  • Makes Your a Pro Road-Ready - 4U rackmount enclosure securely holds the computer and PCIe cards in place, adding mobility to your Mac
  • Three PCIe Slots - Supports three full-length, full-height, single-width cards, or one double-width card plus one single-width card
  • Thunderbolt 2 Interface - Maximum performance with Mac Pro; backward compatible with devices equipped with 10Gbps Thunderbolt technology
  • Upgradeable - When available, upgrade to 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Technology with a replacement Thunderbolt interface card
  • Power for High Performance PCIe Cards - Integrated 300W power supply provides plenty of power for any cards you install; 75W auxiliary PCIe power connector enables use of power hungry cards such as the Avid Pro Tools|HDX or the RED ROCKET-X
  • Provides Space for Additional Devices - Using optional Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kits, you can install HDDs, SSDs, a tape or optical drive, and more inside the xMac Pro Server's enclosure
  • Remarkably Quiet - Temperature-controlled, variable-speed fans automatically and quietly cool installed PCIe cards
  • Front Panel Operation, Rear Panel Connectivity - Front panel power button activates power switch on Mac Pro; USB 3.0 port enables connection of peripheral devices such as a keyboard, mouse, thumb drives; two Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.0, and HDMI ports are mounted at the rear of the chassis for easy connectivity
  • Energy Efficient - Variable-speed fans automatically adjust to the unique needs of each configuration, and the auto power on/off feature ensures there is no energy wasted with cards powered on when the Mac Pro is sleeping or off
  • Supports Thunderbolt Expansion - Enables daisy chain connection of additional Thunderbolt technology devices when other Mac Pro Thunderbolt ports are in use
  • Every Thunderbolt - Compatible PCIe Card
  • Supported - Works with every Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card, regardless of length or height
  • AVID Qualified for Pro Tools|HDX & HD Native and Media Composer/Symphony
  • 5-Year Warranty Included - No extra charge for a 5-year Sonnet pro warranty
  • Thunderbolt Cable & ThunderLok Included - Includes Thunderbolt cable and ThunderLok Thunderbolt connector retainer clip to secure cable from accidental disconnections
  • Locking HDMI Cable Included - Includes Sonnet-exclusive HDMI cable with locking connector at one end to secure cable from accidental disconnections from xMac Pro Server

Mac Compatibility

  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)
  • OS X® 10.9.5+
  • macOS Catalina Compatible

Expand & Secure Your Mac Pro

Building on the concept of our award-winning xMac mini Server for Mac® mini, we designed an expansion system that safely encloses the latest Mac Pro® into a tightly integrated 16" deep rackmount enclosure, incorporates PCIe card expansion with three PCIe 2.0 slots and 20Gbps Thunderbolt™ 2 technology, and provides the capability to add peripherals with optional Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kits.

The new Mac Pro is an object of desire, but a lustrous finish hides its true beauty within—massive power. If you're a pro user in the video or audio industries, the Mac Pro offers the power you need, but lacks the built-in expandability you count on. In order to achieve this engineering feat, Apple® designers stripped away components and space to a minimum, taking out PCIe slots and drive bays, and packed the remaining components into a small cylinder. Its compact size makes the new Mac Pro more transportable and rackable, but prevents onboard installation of PCIe expansion cards. In addition, the computer still requires an enclosure to make it road- or rack-ready and provide convenient cable management.

The xMac™ Pro Server PCIe 2.0 expansion system/4U rackmount enclosure addresses these issues and increases a Mac Pro's potential in a big way. With amazing expansion cabilities, an easy to maintenace modular design, and support for a wide range of popular mobile racks, carts and portable rack cases, xMac Pro Server is the perfect solution for expanding the power of your Mac Pro.

Securely Enclose Your New Mac Pro and PCIe Cards

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, xMac Pro Server's outer 4U rackmount enclosure provides secure mounting and protection for the Mac Pro and PCIe cards installed inside. Hidden behind a handsome front panel, both the computer and PCIe card expansion system reside in separate modules to simplify setup and maintenance, allowing you to work with the computer or cards individually. We know that your Mac Pro is a beautiful, gleaming cylinder, so we constructed a protective enclosure for the computer out of steel, and covered it with soft touch padding to hold the Mac Pro firmly in place while protecting its mirror finish. The remaining space in the enclosure is perfect for installing a Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit with additional equipment such as HDDs and SSDs, a tape drive, optical drive, a Qio™ MR pro media reader, or even a Twin 10G Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt 2 Adapter.

Cool, Quiet Operator

The new Mac Pro's cylindrical core is topped with a single large fan that quietly and efficiently cools the computer, drawing in cool air through the bottom and expelling warm air through the top. Mounted on its side inside xMac Pro server, the computer's airflow path remains unchanged and unobstructed—full, independent airflow through the computer is maintained according to Apple's guidelines.

The xMac Pro Server was designed to be remarkably quiet so that it can be comfortably used in noise-sensitive environments. The PCIe Card Expansion Module is cooled separately with dual, ultra-quiet, temperature-controlled fans. Its fans vent warm air through custom Venturi openings, resulting in reduced air velocity, turbulence, and, consequently, fan noise. The fans are variable-speed, and the computer-modeled airflow management ensures that even hot-running cards and the module's components remain reliably cool without the need to install an extra PCIe blower card that would prevent the use of one of the three slots.

Connect Up to Three PCIe Cards to Your New Mac Pro

The latest Mac Pro's compact size makes it more transportable and rack space efficient than the older tower, but it doesn't accommodate onboard PCIe cards or storage expansion. Sonnet's xMac Pro Server supports three full-length PCIe cards through its PCIe Card Expansion Module. It integrates a universal 300W(4) power supply and includes a 75W PCIe power connector for cards that require supplementary power, such as the Avid Pro Tools|HDX or the RED® ROCKET-X.

Even with all that power, xMac Pro Server is enviro-friendly; it automatically powers the PCIe expansion system on or off whenever the connected computer powers on or wakes, or powers off or sleeps, respectively.

Every Thunderbolt-Compatible Card Supported

The xMac Pro Server supports three full-length PCIe cards, or one double-width, full-length card plus one single-width card, enabling it to support every Thunderbolt-compatible card available. PCIe 1.1, PCIe 2.0, and PCIe 3.0 cards are supported.

RED ROCKET Supporter

If you're a RED ROCKET or RED ROCKET-X user, you already know that the card normally takes up two PCIe slots—one for the card itself and another for the BNC connector bracket (for HD-SDI output). Sonnet designed xMac Pro Server to accommodate the card/bracket pair in a single slot. The xMac Pro Server includes mounting holes designed specifically for the installation of two BNC connectors, enabling you to install the RED ROCKET card in one slot and its BNC connectors in the Echo chassis' mounting holes, leaving the two remaining slots open. The extra bandwidth afforded by the Thunderbolt 2 interface significantly increases the ROCKET's throughput, too.

xMac Pro Server's back panel has two mounting holes for BNC connectors, allowing the use of a RED ROCKET card without the need for the BNC connector bracket that would normally occupy a valuable PCIe slot.

Avid Qualified - Media Composer - Pro Tools

The xMac Pro Server is Avid qualified. It has been tested and approved for use with Pro Tools HD 11 software, and is qualified by the Avid Audio group for use with Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems and separately qualified by the Avid Video group for use with Media Composer/Symphony with the new Mac Pro (Late 2013).

Sonnet Avid Pro Tools | HDX PCIe Card Power Adapter Cable
Avid Pro Tools | HDX PCIe Card Power Adapter Cable

Connect one Avid Pro Tools | HDX PCIe Card in your Echo Express III Expansion Chassis (Thunderbolt 2 Editions only), xMac mini Server, or xMac Pro Server

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ToolsOnAir Chooses Sonnet xMac™ Pro Server for live:cut Multi-camera Production Solution

Austrian Teleshopping Broadcaster MediaShop Leverages live:cut and xMac™ Pro Server for Streamlined Production of High-Quality Teleshopping Videos

Sonnet's new rackmount enclosure with PCI Expansion for New Mac Pro

Sonnet's xMac™ Pro Server Securely Houses the Latest Mac Pro®, Connects Three PCIe® Expanion Cards via Thunderbolt 2, and Provides 5.25-inch Mobile Rack Expansion—All in a 4U Enclosure

  • xMac Pro Server (assembled)
  • Thunderbolt cable
  • ThunderLok Thunderbolt Connector Retainer Clip
  • Locking HDMI cable
  • Power cord
  • 5/64-inch hex wrench
  • Documentation

Notes: Mac Pro, PCIe cards, and Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kits sold separately. Mac Pro Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna shielded from effective use upon installation.

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