Teradek Prism: the challenger broadcast encoder
17 Sep 2020

Teradek Prism: the challenger broadcast encoder

If the 1930s have parallels with the 2020s, then the world of media is ready for a revolution.
Economic downturn, the threat of mass unemployment, tension on the world stage, dustbowls in America… there are some striking similarities to today. And just as post-war audiences flocked to new chains of cinema to distract themselves from the pain of the Great Depression, today the public is consuming entertainment TV as never before. The Teradek Prism encoder is part of the solution.

Feeding the TV machine

As more streaming, on-demand and broadcast platforms emerge, the need for high quality content grows. The challenge is to increase the volume of live content while reducing the cost per hour. Across the board there are now technology solutions that can help production teams reduce the cost of kit and the speed of set-up and de-rig, whether it’s wireless camera positions, IP workflows or simply smaller, more compact production units.
But for broadcasters, the big challenge is now to reduce the cost of contribution to network operators. For this most critical part of the broadcast chain, most production companies fear going beyond the hardware manufacturers that have always dominated the industry. While camera crews and production teams have benefitted from challenger brands offering newer technology for less money, contribution encoders have always remained high in price.

Introducing a new price per feature ratio

With Prism, Teradek is the challenger brand the industry has been waiting for. It is equipped with the features that broadcasters need to deliver high quality, low-latency, and ultra-reliable content:

  • Redundant power supplies
  • Redundant network connectivity
  • Flexible, modular design
  • User-configurable for encode and/or decode
  • Up-to 9 independent encode or decode channels
  • Cloud based remote control/management
  • Support for new efficient formats including HEVC/H.265
  • Support for secure transmission with SRT
  • Re-streaming to multiple content delivery networks and decoders via Teradek Core Cloud

These features add up to the reliable, fully adaptable and efficient platform live TV needs.


One last key advance for Teradek is Prism’s support for 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 encoding. This future-proofed architecture gives broadcasters the HDR quality they need today and the UltraHD format that will dominate our screens over the coming years. The benefit to customers is a brand, cost-effective new encoding platform that will stay cutting edge well into the decade, and adapt to their changing needs.

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