Sony FX9 Accessory Guide
07 Jan 2020

Sony FX9 Accessory Guide

There is no doubt that the Sony FX9 is a tremendously significant camcorder and as a new decade begins Holdan’s manufacturers are beginning to ship some fantastic new accessories to increase its already impressive capabilities.

Power up

There will be a few V-lock adaptors for the FX9 in the coming weeks, but Core SWX are confident their CXV-FX9 is the best option.

It has a low battery warning LED, and XLR input to allow for hot-swapping between external and onboard power and being made of aluminium it’s more robust than plastic alternatives. As for the weight, 544g still isn’t heavy and most users prefer it to provide a better-balanced rig.

I would add that it looks fantastic too!  The brand new Hypercore Neo Mini batteries are the perfect fit for this adaptor, with an industry leading 2000 charge cycles, 16A peak and 12A constant draw capabilities and USB firmware update to add future compatibility.

Choose a Core Fleet Quantum smart charger to complete the kit. The charger offers a highly efficient “2×2” simultaneous charge so when four packs are inserted it detects which two packs have the most capacity, and charges them first. With a 4A/hr charge protocol, the charger can charge four 98wh packs in 3 hours.

Core also make the NANO-U98 battery which adds D-tap and USB output to the standard form factor Sony type battery at a great price point.

 For an independent review of the Core FX9 battery plate, read Alister Chapman's report.

If V-lock is required and weight is more important than features, the 362.8 g plate from Wooden Camera could be a better option. It lacks the XLR input and warning light but has a digital fuse to keep the camera powered if you overload the 3 D-tap ports.

Wooden Camera also have 3 new accessory kits for the FX9, the camera essentials ‘Base’, the small and dependable ‘Advanced’ and the production ready ‘Pro’.  All offering the quality support you would expect from this premium brand.

The combination of Manfrotto’s NITROTECH 612 fluid video head and the 635-carbon fibre single leg tripod is the perfect supporting cast for the FX-9.  The legs can stand over 6’6’’ and the 612 Nitrotech head can smoothly counterbalance from 4-12kgs.

If the FX9 has a weakness it’s the EVF, so what better accessory than a SmallHD 503 Ultrabright. With its 2200 nit HDR daylight viewing and excellent range of tools it’s the perfect addition to the rig.

With its 12G SDI output the ultimate accessory for the FX9 must be the Teradek Bolt 4K 750 set. This can deliver those stunning 4K images wirelessly and with no delay to a monitor or switcher.

Richard Payne Head of Technology at Holdan

Article by Richard Payne
Head of Technology at Holdan

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