Rigging the Komodo
12 Oct 2020

Rigging the Komodo

Komodo is Red’s first truly affordable camera system. It is likely to fulfil many roles - as a feature film B-camera or main camera for documentary production. 

Fortunately, the Komodo’s cuboid-shape lends itself very well to being rigged, powered, adapted and mounted to suit virtually any shooting style. Compact and lightweight, it’s as likely to be airborne on a drone as it is attached to a gimbal.

Power to Go

As a go-anywhere camera, power is a key consideration. Natively supporting dual Canon BP-type batteries, the Komodo can be adapted to take professional V- or 3-stud batteries.

Core SWX’s RED Komodo plate is RED-approved. As well as feeding power to the camera, the plate offers a 2-pin Lemo output and Powertap output, giving you the ability to run monitors, viewfinder, remote focus system and transmitters.

Like the Core adapter for the Sony FX9, the Komodo plate is beautifully manufactured, built to last.

Core SWX Red Komodo Battery Plate

Ready to Roll

An alternative to an attached battery plate, shooters can rig the Komodo on standard 15mm rods using Core’s rail mount cheese plate with v-mount battery plate. Specially designed for the Komodo, the plate includes a 2-pin cable to power the camera and a Powertap output for powering accessories.

Small Camera, Tiny Battery

The Core plate and rail mount system are both a great match for the 98wh Nano Micro batteries. These are possibly the smallest and lightest broadcast packs on the market today and are fully compliant with multi-position chargers for professional power management. Flight-friendly, they are well featured for a unit of their size, with a 4-stage LED power gauge, and a p-tap and USB output.

Record and Ingest

Professional memory cards are essential to make sure that you capture and safeguard every frame. We recommend Wise and Angelbird CFast cards, available in capacities from 128GB up-to 1TB. Both are approved by leading camera manufacturers and are relied on worldwide for their durability and performance.

USB-C CFast readers are fast and effective, delivering fast read speeds of up-to 10 Gb/s. For the fastest multi-card performance, check out Sonnet’s dual slot SF3 reader with a 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 connector.

Get a handle on it

Wooden Camera has an array of accessories for the Komodo, including the Accessory Kit (Base). It’s an essential kit that includes a 15mm Baseplate and Top Handle Kit.

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