Lumens and Panopto announce partnership
02 Mar 2021

Lumens and Panopto announce partnership

Lumens announced a new partnership with Panopto™, the leader in video management systems. The Lumens VS-LC200 CaptureVision System is seamlessly compatible with Panopto. The integration provides organisations with a cost-effective unified solution for recording, live streaming, and managing video content.

Lumens LC200 CaptureVision Station is an all-in-one media processor. Just one stand-alone device that allows you to mix four video sources, recording, streaming and live switching simultaneously; perfect to serve as the core system for your video project. The LC200 captures various video sources, including HDMI inputs, Lumens IP cameras, NDI cameras and RTSP streams and allows you to switch among them. Together with four line-in / MIC-in inputs, you can provide complete audio-visual experience to your viewers!

Lectures, presentations, or any video content can be captured through the LC200 and automatically uploaded to Panopto’s secure video content management system. The video recording can be played on any device. Viewers can watch videos easily anytime and anywhere with Panopto.

Panopto is an end-to-end video platform. Managing video should not require a collection of point solutions. Panopto is the only Technology you need to create, manage, and live stream video content securely from any device. Either on its own, or integrated with your LMS, CMS, CRM, or company portal, Panopto’s video management platform makes it easier to put video to work with your organisation.

Key Panopto Features

  • Video Cloud – Host videos securely in the cloud and control access to both your portal and individual videos.
  • Video Transcoding – Panopto automatically formats every video for optimal playback.
  • Video Delivery – Deliver video over your network and across firewalls using HLS and adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • Interactive Video Players – Make your video library more engaging with interactive players and flexible playback options.
  • Video Analytics – Get detailed reports on viewer engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.
  • Video Captioning – Automatically add captions to your video for improved accessibility.
  • Brand Customisation – Easily customise your video portal’s colours, logo and icons to match your organisation’s brand.

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