29 Oct 2014

Far out, Man!

There are lots of questions and myths about digital cables. And it’s important: a loose cable or an iffy signal can kill any feed.

There are lots of questions and myths about digital cables. And it’s important: a loose cable or an iffy signal can kill any feed.


Max. length in video environments

Booster / repeater

Socket Strength



  • 5m

Yes, up-to approximately 30m


Designed for connecting (semi-permanently) domestic equipment in close proximity

 HDMI (High Speed, category 2)

  • 15m

Yes, up-to approximately 30m


Designed for connecting (semi-permanently) domestic equipment usually within the same room

 Cat 5 (HDBaseT)

  • 100m

Yes, up-to approximately 800m


A great way to transmit HDMI signals (and more) over long distances


  • 170m

Yes, up-to approximately 1000m


Standard HD broadcast cable


  • 120m

Yes, up-to approximately 700m


Standard HD broadcast cable for 1080 50/60p


  • 100m



Supports high frame rate HD and 30fps UltraHD


  • 60m



Supports UltraHD 50/60p

 Multi-mode Fibre

  • 2km



Surprisingly versatile high bandwidth cable

For us, there’s a big gulf between Fibre and BNC cables (SDI), compared with AV / IT type cables. We recommend using DVI, Cat5 and HDMI mainly in video installations or in video systems where the cable is unlikely to be plugged in and taken out frequently. In our experience, their connectors and ports are simply not built to withstand over-use.

With Cat5, the plastic casings and clips can snap and wiring becomes compromised if it’s pulled by mistake. In the case of HDMI, any twisting of the cable can distort the port, jeopardizing signal reliability. It’s not the sort of thing broadcasters like to be dealing with.

SDI is our preferred cable for everyday use in the studio and on location because of its maximum length and strong physical connection. It takes tugs, pulls, and snags in its stride and in a busy production or live event environment, that’s going to happen every day. SDI is also easy to extend. Datavideo’s VP-633 is a powered transmitter that extends SDI signals by 100m. Users can daisy chain up to a further three VP-634 (un-powered 100m repeater units) for very long cable runs.

If you need to go longer, or need to run multiple 2-way signals over very long distances, we recommend FieldCast fibre. It’s easy to use and incredibly tough.

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Datavideo VP-634
Datavideo VP-634

100m SDI Repeater (Unpowered)

Datavideo VP-633
Datavideo VP-633

100m SDI Repeater (Powered)

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