17 Sep 2014

All-in-one Live Production

Datavideo takes an alternative approach.

Manufacturers that try to develop massively-featured broadcast technology at low cost often come a cropper. To hit the price point, corners are cut in the components they use. And shortcuts in the manufacturing process mean that quality can suffer. Often they put the sheer feature count above usability and reliability.

Datavideo takes an alternative approach. It asks: what are the key features that users really want and actually need? Then it delivers a super-reliable product with essential functionality - all at a cost-effective price.

Datavideo’s IBC stand bore out the philosophy perfectly. The new TVS-1000 virtual production system isn’t designed to give the same extreme level of control as an Orad or a Brainstorm. But, for around a 20th of the price, it gives corporate and education users an interactive chromakey system and production desk with internal recording and streaming. It allows users to create their own unique virtual sets very quickly and deliver exceptional keying performance. By keeping to core features, it doesn’t need 6 months of intensive training. (In fact you can be up and running in a day.)

With TVS-1000, the innovation isn’t in the feature set. It’s in the ease of use, especially with the Virtual Set Creator which is a revelation to anyone that’s previously tried to create a bespoke set.  So unlike its direct competitors, it isn’t full of rarely used tools that can complicate the live production process and make the whole system slow to operate and bloated. The choice is yours...

An affordable fully featured, highly complex virtual production system An expensive dedicated virtual set system for TV broadcasters A Datavideo virtual production system
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Datavideo TVS-1000A
Datavideo TVS-1000A

Trackless Virtual Studio System - 1 x HDMI input / output (no Tally control)

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