PTZ Wall and Ceiling Mounts

Panasonic KST-WM-HEA10/130
Black / White
Panasonic KSTWM-UE150
Black / White
Datavideo WM-1
Black / White
Lumens VC-AC08
Black / White
Panasonic KSTWM-HE40/UE70
Black / White
Premium PTZ Models
Panasonic HE20         Yes
Panasonic HE40         Yes
Panasonic HE130 Yes Yes      
Panasonic HN130 Yes        
Panasonic UE150   Yes      
Panasonic UE20         Yes
Panasonic UE40         Yes
Panasonic UE50         Yes
Professional PTZ Models
Datavideo PTC-140 / T / TH / NDI     Yes    
Datavideo PTC-150 / T / TL     Yes    
Datavideo PTC-200     Yes    
Lumens VC-A50 / 50PNDI     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A52     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A60     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A61     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A70     Yes Yes  
Panasonic HE38 / HN38     Yes   Yes
Panasonic HE40 / HN40     Yes   Yes
Panasonic HE42     Yes   Yes
Panasonic AW-UE70 / UN70     Yes   Yes

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