PTZ Wall and Ceiling Mounts

Panasonic KST-WM-HEA10/130
Black / White
Panasonic KSTWM-UE150
Black / White
Datavideo WM-1
Black / White
Lumens VC-AC08
Black / White
Panasonic KSTWM-HE40/UE70
Black / White
Premium PTZ Models
Panasonic HE130 Yes Yes      
Panasonic HN130 Yes        
Panasonic UE150   Yes      
Professional PTZ Models
Datavideo PTC-140 / T / TH / NDI     Yes    
Datavideo PTC-150 / T / TL     Yes    
Datavideo PTC-200     Yes    
Lumens VC-A50 / 50PNDI     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A52     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A60     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A61     Yes Yes  
Lumens VC-A70     Yes Yes  
Panasonic HE38 / HN38     Yes   Yes
Panasonic HE40 / HN40     Yes   Yes
Panasonic HE42     Yes   Yes
Panasonic AW-UE70 / UN70     Yes   Yes

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