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Sonnet RackMac Mini | 1U Rackmount Enclosure for Mac Mini


RackMac Mini

1U Rackmount Enclosure for Mac Mini


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All new Sonnet products purchased on or after January 1, 2019, have a two-year limited warranty, except as listed here. All new Sonnet products purchased on or before December 31, 2018, have a one-year limited warranty, except as listed here.

  • Rackmount Solution for Mac mini - Secures one or two minis inside a rugged steel 1U enclosure
  • Ideal for Use in Server Rooms - 1U height and standard mounting holes enable easy installation into any standard equipment rack
  • Manages Airflow Front-to-Back - Directs airflow through each computer to keep them ambient temperature chill, even when mounted between two other rackmounted components
  • Front Panel Operation - Front panel power buttons enable operation of the computer’s rear-mounted power switches; USB 3.0 ports enable connection of a USB peripheral (keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, etc.) to each computer
  • Road Trip Ready - 8.25-inch mounting depth plus firm rubber cushions that hold the computers securely in place during transport make RackMac mini perfectly for use in portable racks and molded cases
  • Power Status at a Glance - Front panel openings allow viewing of computers’ power/status indicator LEDs
  • Open Cable Access - Enables you to connect and disconnect cables easily

Mac Compatibility

  • Mac mini or Mac mini Server [mid 2010 (4,1)(1) through early 2020 (current)]

Technical Notes

  1. DVD slot of Mac mini (mid 2010) not supported

Rack ’em Up!

Mac minis are great general-purpose computers, and make sweet servers for many applications. However, integrating them into a rack poses some challenges. How do you securely mount the minis? How do you keep them cool? How do you turn them on without pulling them out of the rack? How do you plug in a thumb drive for a quick update? Sonnet’s RackMac mini solves all these challenges and more.

Server Room Sociable

Constructed of rugged steel, the RackMac mini is a fully-assembled rackmount solution that supports one or two Mac mini® computers installed side-by-side into 1U of rack space, placing the computers behind a neat front panel.

Updated With Larger Openings to Support Proper Cooling of 2018 6-Core Mac minis

The enclosure’s design—updated to properly support 2018 6-core Mac mini models—manages airflow through the computers to keep them as cool as ambient air in the rack as on a desk, enabling you to stack them close and stack them high for a Mac mini server farm.

Front Controlled

The RackMac mini provides front panel access to each Mac mini’s power switch and one of its USB-A ports, enabling you to switch each computer on and off, and connect a keyboard, mouse, USB drive, or other USB device.

Road Trip Ready

Do you need to take your mini on the road? The RackMac mini is a perfect travel solution. Its 8.25-inch mounting depth, plus firm rubber cushions that securely hold your computers in place during transport, make RackMac mini ideal for use in molded cases such as those from Gator Cases. The RackMac mini’s design also allows normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in rack), so you can use iOS® device control apps.

Open View

RackMac mini provides open access to your computers’ ports at the back of the enclosure.

Cool as a Cucumber

RackMac mini secures your Mac minis without trapping them in recirculating hot rack air. A strategically designed chamber directs cool air in a one-way path through front panel openings—now twice the air space to provide proper thermal support for the latest Mac mini—to the computers’ air intakes, and then out the back.

Stay Cool

RackMac mini’s design ensures that cool air goes in a one-way path through the front panel openings to the computers’ air intakes, exiting out the rear. In a single Mac mini configuration, the Sonnet solution’s air dam and strategically placed seals help keep air from circulating in the unoccupied computer bay. Whether you install one or two Mac minis, RackMac mini prevents recirculation of hot air around the computers to keep them ambient temperature chill and operating reliably.

Status at a Glance

The updated RackMac mini includes dual power/status indicator openings for each computer, allowing its light to shine through whether you’ve installed an older model or the latest.

Expanding the possibilities of your Mac with Sonnet

In the dynamic world of Mac computing, Sonnet Technologies stands as the unsung hero of expansion solutions, redefining the capabilities of your Mac with a blend of practical and functional products. While their Thunderbolt™ docks and PCIe expansion chassis have long been industry favourites, let's explore the Mac specific products that house and increase the capabilities of your Apple devices.

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  • RackMac mini enclosure, assembled
  • Documentation
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