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Kondor Blue Nucleus-M Adapter Plate | Nucleus-M Adapter Plate - Space Grey

Kondor Blue

Nucleus-M Adapter Plate

Nucleus-M Adapter Plate - Space Grey

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  • Nucleus-M Adapter Plate
  • Over a dozen rigging options
  • Built-in NATO rail
  • 60-tooth ARRI Style Rosette mount
  • Built-in 3mm Hex
  • Integrated strap loops
  • Weight: 115g/4.0 oz
  • Dimensions: 72mm W x 90mm T x 13mm D

The Nucleus-M has become a go-to industry solution for a robust, yet affordable solution for remote FIZ (Focus, Iris, Zoom) control. However, options for mounting the Nucleus-M controller have been very limited. That's why we designed the KONDOR BLUE Nucleus-M Adapter Plate. It provides a wide range of mounting options that make it much easier to configure. The ARRI-style rosette allows for mounting to female rosettes with the included 6mm bolt, or the bolt can be removed before mounting to the Nucleus-M controller to receive a 6mm bolt into the rosette.

KONDOR BLUE Magic Arms are another option for configuring your rig or 1st AC focus pulling setup. Adding a strap is also helpful for keeping the controller handy when you need it.

The plate mounts to the Nucleus-M controller via 2x M4 bolts. Mounting holes have been added to both the left and right sides to allow for inverted mounting.

Finally, Nucleus-M users will have a range of mounting options to expand its usability.

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