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Camera Control Unit

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  • Camera Control Unit
  • Remote Control via Ethernet or RS-422 serial port
  • Control up to 24 Datavideo PTZ/block cameras, 14 presets for each camera
  • Easy setup via the user friendly UI
  • Control
    Axis zoom: adjustment knob
    Axis pan/tilt: joystick
  • Firmware upgrade & tablet charging by USB

A Multi-functional Multi-camera Controller

RMC-300A is a multi-functional Multi-camera Controller. It is able to control up to 24 PTZ and block cameras by Ethernet or up to 8 cameras by serial port RS-422 transmission. The RMC-300A is versatile and can control Datavideo PTZ cameras and Robotic Head to set up the parameters via RS-422 or DVIP and is also capable of controlling a Datavideo recorder and switcher up to 12 channels. With the combination of friendly user interface on the 5” panel and hardware buttons, RMC-300A enable users to manage heavy EFP workflows easily.

User friendly interface on 5 inch LCD touch panel

5 inch LCD touch panel design and RGB backlit buttons to help for better multi-function operation. This provides the operator great feedback during operation.

Control 24 cameras

Designed to control up to 24 cameras, with preset memory for easy camera control. Control up to 24 Datavideo PTZ camera, robotic camera heads and block cameras simultaneously, 7 presets for each camera to operate using the RGB backlit buttons.

LCD displays GUI for Operability and Visibility

The graphical LCD displays support buttons and advanced settings. This combines large buttons and labels with different levels of details. Easy access to all the cameras setting and call back for your favourite settings such as Shutter, Focus, IRIS, Gain, Zoom and movement speeds.

Professional use

One man control of Pan, Tilt and Zoom is possible with the 2-axis Joystick and zoom knob. Using the controller is easy with a well thought out button layout. Easy access to all the cameras settings in the OSD and call back for your favourite settings such as Shutter, Focus, IRIS, Gain, Zoom, and movement speeds.

Remote Control via Ethernet or serial port RS-422

The RMC-300A can control PTZ and block cameras, as well as robotic camera heads such as the Datavideo PTR-10 by using the ethernet DVIP or RS-422 interfaces. Up to 8 RS-422 cameras can be connected at the same time. Remote control of select switchers will be a future feature.

Tally signal supported

The RMC-300A is designed for professional live production use. Control 24 cameras simultaneously with tally signal output, compatible with all Datavideo tally lights.

Zoom knob and lock button

The Zoom Knob enables the perfect control to zoom in/out and the lock button helps to secure the position of the joystick and the zoom know.

Speed settings for PTZ control

Pan/Tilt/Zoom speed can be fixed at fast, middle and slow speed.

Datavideo PCB-1

Camera Control Box

Datavideo PTC-300

4K PTZ Camera

Datavideo PTC-300

4K PTZ Camera - White

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