BirdDog Cloud Connect | Super-fast and high-quality monitoring anywhere in the world


Cloud Connect

Super-fast and high-quality monitoring anywhere in the world

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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Super-fast and high-quality monitoring anywhere in the world
  • With Cloud Connect, remote editorial workflows and remote live productions just became faster and easier than ever
  • Truly collaborative remote editorial workflows and seamless remote productions
  • All Cloud Connect mobile device apps include PTZ Control from any NDI® enabled PTZ, not just BirdDog NDI® PTZ cameras

Preliminary Specifications & Subject to Change.

Cloud Connect. This changes EVERYTHING

This is Cloud Connect. The game changing, globally scalable, totally interconnected video workflow with apps across Apple TV, Android TV, Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. And of course the all-new BirdDog PLAY.

2 Frames Latency

Cloud Connect provides the fastest connection to your live production or editorial workflow. In as little as 2 frames from source to screen, you can be monitoring your NDI feeds anywhere in the world on your BirdDog PLAY, iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, or Android device.

NDI® 5

Cloud Connect integrates the amazing features of NDI® 5 including high bandwidth NDI, NDI® HX2, NDI® Remote, and NDI® Bridge.

  • Remote Editorial Workflows
    Editors can output Avid or Adobe timelines in NDI using the free plugins. Producers, Directors, and anyone needing to monitor can all use BirdDog PLAY or the Cloud Connect apps to view and collaborate.
  • Remote Production Workflows
    With Cloud Connect it’s easy to produce a Remote Production from anywhere in the world. Control the New York studio from London across the public internet with full PTZ control, Tally, and Talkback. Using BirdDog PLAY or the Cloud Connect suite of apps anyone who needs to monitor with as little as 2 frames latency.
  • Remote Monitoring. With Multiviews
    Monitor all your NDI feeds from anywhere in the world over the public internet. Set up a Multiview and watch it on your giant TV using BirdDog PLAY with Cloud Connect. Or use Apple or Android TV. It’s just so easy.
  • Dante or NDI. Flexible Audio
    With an optional BirdDog Cloud Dante licence (add on to regular BirdDog Cloud licence) you can select Dante audio to be sent to your Cloud Connect receiver.
  • PTZ Control. Tally
    PTZ control is a total breeze. When using Cloud Connect app on your phone you have PTZ control with your finger on the phone touchscreen. Tally is also sent with the NDI stream for maximum visibility of the production.
  • PTZ Camera Support
    Cloud Connect supports all NDI and NDI HX PTZ cameras from all manufacturers. So don’t have a BirdDog PTZ? No worries!


Cloud Connect is totally secure. You can lock sessions to be one-on-one to avoid unwanted guest drop-ins as well as customising your session timeouts so people can’t copy your connections.

Quality Control

Cloud Connect is built for production and offers much higher quality than video conferencing. You can also adjust the quality levels to handle the fastest and toughest network environments.

Beautiful Vistas

BirdDog Cloud Connect applications make navigation and use a breeze with cutting edge and beautiful user interfaces, no matter what device you have. Zoom in on your phone or lean back and watch on your TV.

Wi-Fi & 4G Friendly

Connecting and monitoring your sources on the run has never been easier. Now you can monitor from airports, coffee shops, on the run, or just chilling out on the beach drinking a piña colada.

  • No Firewall configuration
    Cloud Connect is totally network and IT admin friendly. There are no firewalls to configure allowing instant access to your NDI sources from anywhere.
  • Next-Gen Engine. Say that 3 times fast
    Using the next generation BirdDog Cloud engine you can easily publish Cloud Connect sessions instantly, add in thumbnails and friendly names for easy identification. Underpinned by the latest NDI® 5 you can publish any source from anywhere on your network.
  • Top Shelf Codec Support
    Supporting h.264, VP8, and VP9, you can make the most of any hardware, be it iOS, Android, or browser based to get the best pictures and smoothest motion.
BirdDog PLAY

4K NDI Player with full support for NDIĀ® 5

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