Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life
24 Mar 2022

Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life

Uroš Podlogar is a freelance photographer and videographer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His lifestyle brings together two of his greatest passions: photography and adventure.

He has worked on campaigns for many leading brands around the world, focusing on outdoor adventure and sports — the more extreme the location, the better for Uros!

We asked him about his work and his passion.

Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life

What inspired you to be a full-time photographer and videographer. How did it become your passion?

I started working as a photographer approximately 10 years ago. My father once gave me an old camera that was lying around. One day I decided to take it with me when I went hiking, and that is actually how it all began. From that moment on, I started enjoying learning all about photography. I enjoyed going around, taking photos, finding the perfect lighting, finding my style of photography.

Back then it was a passion, a hobby that grew into so much more. It is now my profession, my way of life.

Please tell us about your upcoming project about off-road vehicles. How did you get involved in shooting that?

Five years ago I bought my Toyota Hilux and that is when I started joining these off-road trips. It is a unique experience and allows you to visit the most amazing places. Since I never leave home without my photo and video gear, I of course started shooting these off-road trips as well.

I have done, and will be doing, a number of off-road projects. We just recently returned from a four-day off-road trip around Croatia with the new Toyota Hilux and are currently planning a few more trips which will be really interesting as we are planning them in winter time.

Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life

What challenges did you face during this project? How do you go about illustrating the features of off-road vehicles?

The greatest challenge when shooting off-road vehicles is of course the terrain. These aren’t long straight roads, but they are rocky, uneven trails and it is sometimes difficult to find the right angle and run by the cars to get the perfect shot.

Off-road vehicles have very specific features which are actually easy to catch on camera, so shooting these vehicles are at times much easier than let’s say shooting for a specific tyre.

What was your favourite moment of the project?

It is difficult to point out one specific moment because this was a great project all around. It was the first time so many cars came along and our guide really tried his best to take us along scenic trails, hills, beaches and valleys. It was a great team of guys that came along with very different cars and so I had a wide variety of off-road cars to catch in my lens and was able to create great photo and video edits.

Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life

How did Wise media help your work?

The Wise media really surprised me, positively. It works superfast, keeps up when the shooting tempo is fast and allows me to totally focus on the project also because I know they are dust proof which is of great importance when shooting on such terrains.

What advice would you give to other photographers looking to carry out a similar project?

Practice, practice and practice. I know it may sound pretty cliché but it is the truth. Photography is similar to any other field where you are starting something new. You have to try hundreds of times to figure out what suits you, how to catch the right moment, angle and what is important when shooting a certain project. So my advice would be to be persistent and not give up!

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Passion in Exploring - My Way of Life

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