Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!
01 Dec 2022

Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!

By Shiv Gilmore | Digital Marketing Assistant, Holdan

Are you a creative practitioner who has been caught in damning weather conditions that have ruined your kit? Or have you streamlined your on-location gear and regretted not taking that vital piece? Say no more – we have all been there and wished for an awesome practical solution.

In early September we announced our partnership with established camera bag and accessories company Langly bags, which are made by photographers for photographers with high quality, durable and waterproof canvas, nylon, and genuine leather. The hard foam and protective lining keep your gear safe, even the toughest of photo missions – all this and stylish too?

Holdan decided it was time to put Langly’s bags to the test.

Casefile – Globetrotter Backpack

Our Technical Product Specialist Marcus Swales headed to a reservoir in Sheffield with the Multi Globetrotter backpack to test out the durability and functionality, while out on locations similar to that of other photographers and creative practitioners.

Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!

How did you find the overall durability and functionality of the Langly Globetrotter Backpack?
Durability-wise, the backpack was on and off my back and onto the floor numerous times throughout the day and it did end up having a small roll down a grass verge at one point, once brushed off the backpack and everything inside showed no signs of this use at all. The Multi Globetrotter has functionality covered in my opinion, with its array of storage options from the laptop storage to the tripod straps and the handy quick access camera section there is a place for everything with it still being to hand quickly. Marcus Swales | Technical Product Specialist |Holdan

Exterior Features

This is an area where the Multi Globetrotter backpack truly shines.

There are enough pockets and straps to attach everything you can imagine. The stylish and sleek front and side pockets are easy to reach, with plenty of space for essentials like memory cards, spare cables or card readers. In addition, the front-loading design with a sizeable open-top compartment and customizable button compartment for camera gear makes for a wonderful and useful user experience.

Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!

How helpful were the exterior features of the backpack?
Being a sustainability advocate I always carry a water bottle so having the availability for this on my camera bag is a must! The Multi Globetrotter has space for two if it were needed on longer days. The hidden pockets in the rear of the backpack are handy too, not only do they discreetly store your wallet or passport, but they offer easy, quick access to these items. The large external pockets at the front of the backpack are great, they allowed me to store bigger accessories away that I could get to without having to open the whole backpack. Marcus Swales | Technical Product Specialist |Holdan

Internal Features

A minimalist interior with enough pockets for an easy-to-access and highly usable space.

What did you find were the interior pros and cons of the backpack?
Interior wise it’s hard to add any cons, especially about the internal storage of the Multi Globetrotter. You have plenty of options from the adjustable dividers to small zip pockets for those all-important camera accessories. If anything, you have too many options when it comes to the adjustable dividers! My only con is that I would like more elastic straps, this a personal preference as I always worry about the safety of my gear. However, if the bag is placed down and opened as it is designed to be you have no risk of anything falling out, the straps would only add a piece of mind for myself. Marcus Swales | Technical Product Specialist |Holdan

A Comfy Camera Backpack?

We know that one of the concerns every photographer has when looking for a camera backpack is the comfort factor. This usually falls by the wayside in the design elements of different camera backpacks giving photographers sore shoulders, and no support and leaving many simply exhausted.

Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!

Thoughts on the comfort factor?
I wore the backpack for around 5 to 6 hours on the day of shooting and found it extremely comfortable. Considering that I had many lenses, a camera, a laptop, and accessories in the backpack, it truly shocked me how easy it was to wear for such a long period. I think of all the benefits of the Multi Globetrotter the comfort is the biggest, being able to wear this backpack when travelling long distances or on location, all day is vital for any creative Marcus Swales | Technical Product Specialist |Holdan


Let’s Go Somewhere with Langly!

We put the Multi Globetrotter Backpack through its paces and it excels at  keeping your gear safe while you are out on a shoot, hiking through the wilderness or just grabbing the bus across town is paramount for any photographer – amateur or professional.

Camera bags are the all-important link between a photographer and the safety of their equipment. So, it is no surprise that you want to know you have the right one for the job when buying a new camera bag. Langly are handcrafted quality camera bag makers using only premium components and hard-wearing fabrics. Langly camera bags are as perfect for the globetrotting adventurer as the urban enthusiast and everyone in between.

These camera bags stand out from the crowd with a unique vintage look that speaks to the adventure-seeking photographer providing versatility and functionality capable of safely storing and carrying everything you might need for the day. Whether you are taking a mirrorless camera, a DSLR or a compact, Langly has got it covered. Langly has very successfully created that perfect balance between form and function with their camera bags.

Final thoughts
I’m sure most creatives will agree that having gear that does the job and makes your life easier has a huge impact on your creative process and final results. Langly has managed to make the Multi Globetrotter a hard-wearing, easy-to-wear backpack that doesn't sacrifice storage, functionality, or style. For me, this is in the running to be the perfect camera backpack, and that’s a statement! Marcus Swales | Technical Product Specialist |Holdan
For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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