11 Nov 2021

Gnarbox Software Release 2.8.0

Recently GNARBOX have released their latest software update which brings significant improvements to the overall user experience of GNARBOX 2.0. Listening to user feedback this release refines the Backup Preset experience, as well as several quality of life improvements.

The highlights include the following:

Automatic file renaming on file backups using presets

Backup Presets can be configured to include automatic renaming. This will enable you to avoid file collisions and save valuable time on future imports. With new metadata variables available in this release you’ll have dramatically improved control over automating your workflow.

Concatenated folder names for backup presets

Select individual variables to build custom folder names, delivering improved control over your automated foldering.

New MONTH, DAY, YEAR metadata variables added for presets and naming

New date naming and folder options providing to users for MONTH, DAY and YEAR exif data. This includes 2,3 and 4 digit options. Along with the ability to concentrate these variables you can now match and build any folder name in the style you choose.

New EXIF variables for folders and file renaming (Camera Manufacturer, Camera Model, Author)

Camera manufacturer, camera model and author (configured in camera) are now usable variables when creating folder names and filenames.

XML Preset Share

Export any of your backup presets and share across GNARBOXs within your organisation or with other users in the community. Simply export to the GNARBOX, share using a drive or SD card and import your .presetxml file from the Backup Preset home screen.

For a full breakdown of all the latest updates visit: https://headwayapp.co/gnarbox-updates

To update your device just follow these instructions: https://support.gnarbox.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024692852-How-to-Update-Your-GNARBOX-2-0-SSD

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