09 Jul 2018

Frequency Violations!

Anyone with a wireless mic knows about frequencies – not just finding a clear channel, but also getting the right licence to operate. In the world of video senders, the same two issues apply. Teradek helps you avoid crowded bands with Bolt XT’s spectrum analyser, but even more important is adhering to legislation governing frequencies.

All Teradek wireless equipment, including the BOLT range, is FCC and CE certified. In addition to this, the BOLT range features advanced Dynamic Frequency Selection to ensure there is no interference with civilian navigation, maritime, weather, and military radar systems.

The advantages of employing DFS are twofold…

In legal terms, it ensures regulatory compliance with the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union, namely ITU-R Resolution 229 and ITU-R Recommendation M.1652. In the UK, penalties for violating the regulations are in part determined by the potential level of harm caused; if it’s shown that your equipment could interfere with military radar, the implications could be very serious.

Secondly, Teradek states that its technology is compliant with the appropriate legislation. Unlike many developers, it even offers channels between 5150-5350 MHz and between 5470-5725 MHz without risking interference with radar systems. On the BOLT ‘Classic’, ‘LT’, and ‘XT’ 500, 1000, and 3000 series, this opens seven previously unavailable channels in Europe.

In the real world, DFS offers users the opportunity to use a greater number of systems in a contained area without risking interference, as well as offering the possibility to use the BOLT when operating near facilities utilising radar systems.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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Teradek Bolt 3000 XT 3G-SDI / HDMI Video Transceiver Set
Teradek Bolt 3000 XT 3G-SDI / HDMI Video Transceiver Set

Bolt 3000 XT SDI/HDMI Wireless TX/RX

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