Don’t stand so close to me! Recording sound safely and at a distance
31 Mar 2020

Don’t stand so close to me! Recording sound safely and at a distance

Maintaining a healthy 2m distance between interviewer and guest, between camera crew and interviewees poses a problem for video shooters. There are three options to keep you safe:

  1. A longer XLR cable (potential trip hazard)
  2. A boom pole (requires a dedicated sound engineer)
  3. A wireless microphone system (can suffer interference)

Introducing the Interference Free Wireless Mic System

OK, there's no such thing as interference-free wireless technology, especially on the 2.4GHz wavelength. However, the engineers at Azden have done a remarkable job in developing an incredibly reliable system which gives you great signal integrity even in spaces crowded with smartphones, iPads and other WiFi connected devices.

Watch our video on the Pro-XRe for details on how this clever technology could keep you live on air while keeping you at a safe distance.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 |

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Azden PRO-XR
Azden PRO-XR

2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone System

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