16 Jun 2020

Clean, safe and cool on-set

In the midst of social distancing regulations, abiding by new health and safety rules is vital.  Holdan has teamed up with two manufacturers to unveil a mobile cleaning and temperature control station to help crews and actors keep productions compliant with new rules.

As a dedicated Covid station, the cart features an accurate temperature sensing Tauri tablet computer and a durable, easy-wipe cleansing shelf. 

Based around the highly manoeuvrable INOVATIV Axis cart, it can be wheeled between sets, stages and location.

The Glory Star Tauri tablet mounted on the cart features a built-in heat sensing camera that can detect individuals with a raised temperature to an accuracy of +/- 0.3C.
A hands-free device, it simply requires the individual to stand around 1m in front of the device, with an on-screen indicator or audible tone signifying a normal or elevated temperature reading.

Mobile Cleaning Station
With production now getting underway again across Europe, crews are looking for safe and effective ways of restricting access to potentially infectious individuals. They are also determined to help actors and production teams adopt new hygiene practices on set. Our Covid station meets both objectives in a portable go-anywhere solution
Said Kieron Seth, Holdan’s marketing director.

Available from resellers across Europe, the station is compliant with the forthcoming INOVATIV QR dispenser units which are available from July 2020.

INOVATIV Dispenser

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