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Core SWX Helix 150 Mini V-Mt | Helix Dual Voltage 150wh Mini - V-mount

Core SWX

Helix 150 Mini V-Mt

Helix Dual Voltage 150wh Mini - V-mount

Product Code: CORE-HLX-150S

Suggested Retail Price €760+VAT

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  • Helix 150wh Mini
  • 150wh, 10.2Ah, 14.8v native
  • 9cm x 11.8cm x 5.8cm, 0.82kg
  • 12A max load, 15A peak
  • Single Powertap output
  • V-mount model carries SMBUS
  • Longer runtime compact High Voltage option
  • Limited with Air Travel restrictions

Simultaneous 14v/28v Power Output

Helix is the most complete on-board battery system ever offered to the cinematic industry. The system encompasses all the features of Hypercore, with the added function of dual 14v/28v* simultaneous voltage output, answering the call for better designed and performing, on-board high voltage solutions.

Near Lossless Power Transmission

Leveraging a proprietary, patent pending technology, Helix is ultra efficient, providing nearly lossless power transmission at a 99% efficiency rate to high voltage operating equipment. Helix’s unique design allows it to output up to 33.6v, within the top range of high voltage acceptance, thus drawing less current, creating less heat and extending both operational runtime and product longevity.

Ultra Compatible V-mount & Gold mount

Helix’s uniquely designed infrastructure allows the pack to function as a standard V-mount or Gold mount 14v pack in all applications without the fear of accidentally transmitting high voltage. Along with standard powering applications, Helix charges on all standard v-mount and gold mount Lithium-Ion equipment, including Anton/Bauer, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into your current fleet of battery packs.

*The mean voltage rating of Helix’s outputs are 14v and 28v, with a maximum charge rating of 16.8v and 33.6v. Most high voltage range equipment accepts up to 34v.


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Introducing the HELIX Series
Introducing the HELIX Series
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